Skin Care with Olay Oil of Olay is an effective skin care product that helps to minimize the wrinkles and the marks under regular usage. A reputed company produces this product and many people suggest that they are very safe and effective. The redness of the skin is minimized drastically; it hydrates the skin and maintains the moisture content for long hours. You have to follow the proper applying procedure first you have to wash the skin and apply it before sleeping to get the better results. Slightly massage with the cream in the circular direction and you can apply it to all the sun exposed areas in the body. Many customers of Olay say in the review that the anti aging and the wrinkles are greatly reduced after using the products of Skincare Ireland. The oil of Olay mainly contains the natural products like water and glycerin that can easily absorb and make the skin glow. The product can be purchased from any of the retail outlet and the main disadvantage is that you cannot order directly from the official website the only mode of ordering online is through the retail shops. The product contains the crucial vitamins needed for the body that makes the skin shine. The online shops provide you with the great discounts for the olay skincare products. It offers a hydrating cream that can be used for all types of the skin of all ages. The eye serum can be applied to treat the dark circles.