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A Freestyle Community Video Project

Community Skate Video Project
A Freestyle Community Video Project! A brand new video project by freestyle skateboarder, Daniel Trujillo! Check out below for details, written by Daniel Trujillo. Please feel free to join the discussion over on the F-Forum Group!
Attention Freestyle/Creative Skateboarders:

Some people in the freestyle world want to make a video (perhaps a series of videos) consisting of freestyle/creative/innovative skateboarding, and the people pushing the boundaries of skateboarding.

People interested in participating may submit footage and will be included in the video which will be uploaded to the internet, as well as have physical copies made to be distributed to the individuals involved so that they may distribute them at demos, local skate shops, wherever and however they see fit.

Submission Guidelines: 
Footage submission deadline for first installment: December, 25, 2013

~2-3 minute edited video, the spot is allowed to be more or less, but try not to go excessively overboard.
Preferably (but not necessarily) in 720 at 60fps, we know some people do not have access to, or cannot afford good cameras, but it is becoming easier with each day to gain access to a decent camera. 

If your video is pre-edited, DO NOT use music that is copyrighted and/or music that you do not have explicit permission to use. If you do not have music, or want to go through that hassle, music will be appointed to you.

If your video is not edited, it will be edited as we see fit, and it may be part of a montage. Music may be chosen by the individual submitting the footage as long as it meets the guidelines specified above. If you do not have music chosen, it will be appointed to you.

If you or a close friend make music, you may submit it for possible use in this video.

Be creative/innovative with your skating and how it is represented in your film.

Be creative/innovative with your filming and the environment in which you film. We’d prefer not to have 20 tripod in a basketball court videos.

ADDITION TO GUIDELINES: When filming, try to show the season in whatever region you live in, and how it affects your skating (if at all)

Some details are still being worked out such as:
Keeping the cost of DVD production as low as possible
Possible merch (stickers, shirts) for the people who participated

Please note: Submission Guidelines and criteria are subject to change. Please check back here or the F-Forum Facebook Group linked above for news and updates on how to submit your videos.

The World Round-Up Results

It is in, The World Round-Up Results!  This past weekend, most of the world’s top Am and Pro Freestyle skateboarders competed for a purse of $10,000! A four day event held at Cloverdale Rodeo and County Fair in Canada. This is an annual event and we here at Freestylers United are planning to attend next year! If you wish to attend next year, have any questions or want to submit a request to become a sponsor, check out the official World Round-Up website and head on over to their contact page to get in touch with Kai Dunkel or Monty Little.

At this years event, Aj Kohn and Kevin Harris lent their voices as hosts, giving the crowd and the skaters some personal and professional insight into skateboarding, past and present.  If you were fortunate to attend the World Round-Up and you have pictures, video, or you would like to share your personal experience, please comment below or post it on our Facebook page.  Congratulations to all the winners and contestants! Skate hard for next year and take on the best freestylers in the world! Check below for The World Round-Up Results and find out if your favorite freestyler took the top 10!

The Results!

AM ResultsPro Results
  1. Ryan Brynelson
  2. Kaue Araujo
  3. Andy Anderson
  4. Jacob Whitt
  5. Thomas Nascimento
  6. Felix Jonsson
  7. Daniel Trujillo
  8. Mic Murayama
  9. Alejandro Quiros
  10. Adam Flood
  1. Guenter Mokulys
  2. Seya Nakano
  3. Mike Osterman
  4. Masahiro Fujii
  5. Per Canguru
  6. Stefan Akesson
  7. Lucio Lima
  8. Rene Shigueto
  9. Jesse Whalen
  10. Albert Kuncz
Best Trick360 Spin-off
  • Dan Garb
  1. Russ Howell
  2. Kevin Harris
  3. Guenter Mokulys

If you plan on attending The World Round-Up in 2014, please contact us on our facebook page  to help as a correspondent to help interview skaters, update social media and more!

The World Round-Up Live!

The World Freestyle Round-Up is an annual event in which freestyle skateboarders from all around the world compete for a $10,000 prize purse! From Japan, Europe, the States and all around the world, Freestyle skateboarders gather together to show the world their best routine! Below you will find the link to watch The World Round-Up Live! View the full schedule of the event for the next 3 days and we’ll be providing you news and updates regarding this event on the Freestylers United Facebook page! Big thanks to Protest Skateboards for providing news and information for The World Round-Up!

The World Round-Up Live!

Schedule from May 17 to May 20, 2013 provided by The World Round-Up website!

Friday, May 17th4 pm – 5 pmPractice Session
5 pm – 6 pmCompetitors’ Meeting
7 pm – 8 pmAmateurs’ Freestyle Preliminaries
8 pm – 10 pmPros’ Freestyle Preliminaries
Saturday, May 18th11 am – 12 pmAmateurs’ Practice Session
12 pm – 2 pmAmateur Freestyle Semi Finals
3 pm – 4 pmPros’ Practice Session
4 pm – 6 pmPro Freestyle Semi Finals
Sunday, May 19th10 am – 11 amAmateurs’ Practice Session
11 am – 1 pmAmateur Freestyle Finals
2 pm – 3 pmPros’ Practice Session
4 pm – 6 pmPro Freestyle Finals
Monday, May 20th10 am – 11 amFreestyle Demos and Practice Session
11 am – 12 pm360 Spin Off Contest and Awards Ceremony
1 pm – 2 pmBest Trick Contest and Awards Ceremony
2 pm – 3 pmPro and Am Freestyle Awards Ceremony
3 pm – 5 pmLive Music from Tough Lovers
Freestyle Demos

The Live Feed is provided by Ollie North Skate Shop

Log #002 – Skateboarding has changed


Skateboarding has changed, companies, individuals, investors, profit-hungry men have begun to destroy skateboarding as we know it. What happened to skate videos? What happened to professional skateboarders, products, sponsorship, fun? If you remember Dying To Live by Zero Skateboards, then you should agree that modern skate videos are fueled by money and advertising, recycled tricks and ideas, not by passion, dedication and the idea to take skateboarding and creativity to another level without changing the core ideals of skateboarding.

Sorry to break it to you, it already started, in fact, it started years ago and is only getting worse. Remember when professional skateboarders were making parts, having fun, doing things that inspired us to keep skating and innovating it? Well, it’s a damn good memory now and that’s all it is. Browsing youtube, I have come across more than a fair share of, “Can I be sponsored?”, “How can I get sponsored?”, “I skate everyday and one day I’ll be the next Chris Cole and make lots of money!” In the 1990′s we just wanted to skate and challenge ourselves to do what our favorite pro skaters were doing. Not to be them but only to draw inspiration from them. Now all skateboarders want to do is make money, boost their egos and relish in the new skate fab that is social networking and media.