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Justin Lozoff Interview

Justin Lozoff Interview

About Justin Lozoff - The anonymous guy who supplied the Rodney Mullen videos and a Modern Freestyle Skateboarder.

Stance (Goofy or Regular?) 
Regular, but if I get back into skating I want to start riding goofy.

Whys that?
Over the past decade I didn’t skate much, so I didn’t get better and just kept doing the same stuff over and over again and it wasn’t that fun. I want to do something different.

When did you start skating ? With what setup? 
I started skating in April 1986, when I was 12. It was a Vision Gator with gull-wing trucks. The board was white, the trucks black. I don’t remember the wheels. That, and my 2nd board can be seen in the Rodney parking lot video where he ollies over the 3 boards. I started freestyling in September 1987 — and my setup was a Mutt – his first model, a hand me down from a friend of a friend. It had Indy’s, and probably Powell freestyle wheels. I always skated Indy for freestyle and Tracker for street.

Nate Sherwood Interview

Nate Sherwood Interview - Huge Ollie

Enjoy our Nate Sherwood Interview, an amazing pro skateboarder who has supported freestyle skateboarding for man years. Enjoy!

What have you been up to these days?
Working 6 days a week living the dream, and one day of sleep and skating.

As a professional skateboarder, what do you feel are your best accomplishments?
The big spin pressure flip 180 nose grind I’ve been doing it for over 12 years and it still is hard to pull off. Most tricks you can get down, but that one is a zebra and not a horse.

What are some of the best skate spots in Oceanside, CA?
The Oceans 11 ledge and rail and the ATM Bump. I like the ditches as well and my favorite has to be the flat ground at South o School.

Any dream spots you wish to skate one day?
Yeah, I need to skate Puru, it looks epic, and all of Lima looks rad.

Darryl Grogan Interview

Darryl Grogan - Tracker Trucks Piece

A 16 Questions and Answer Interview with Darryl Grogan!

How has skateboarding impacted your life and cinematography?
Skating was really the only thing I cared about when I was younger. It really showed me what I could accomplish when I’m focused and really set my mind on something. It gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world and meet some really awesome people. I got into filmmaking in the early 90′s and started doing skate videos while I was in film school.

You’re really a true documentary filmmaker when you do a skate video because you have so many things that you’re battling to get the footage you need and you have to try your best to make things look good when the environment is not always ideal. I did 5 skate films in the 90′s shooting everything in super 8 and 16mm. Those films taught me so much and how to make the most of what of you have to work with.

What have you been up to lately?
The last few years I’ve been filming and editing promotional videos and commercials for businesses. Lately I’ve been putting together about 1 to 2 video projects a month. I’ve also done several documentary pieces and a couple of music videos over the past 5 to 6 years. I love everything about filmmaking. It’s really what I was born to do. I still really like to skate though when I have time.

Gunter Mokulys Interview

Gunter Mokulys

A 20 question interview with Gunter Mokulys!
How has skateboarding in Germany changed over the years?
Earlier it was all together.  Street ramp,  freestyle, slalom.  Today,  everything is separated.

Why do your close your English emails with “Sorry for my English”?
Ha, my English is so bad. I understand only the half.

When will you put out other language editions of your skateboarding books?
The Street book is in English. The problem is to sending it, it is always expensive

Freestyle in Europe seems to have more of a base than the N. American counterparts, what do you think accounts for that?
I think it is simply the attempt to work with small Street contest (Paderborn) and Slalom contest (Paris) together.  Freestyle is not well-organized. [In Europe there are] New organization, new people, new ideas come forward in Freestyle.